How did you like our food? (Rate: 5 of 5)
Jedzenie u P. Joli zamawiałam na babyshower to był najlepszy wybór! Sałatka z truskawkami i serem feta oraz nadziewane papryki były poprostu mistrzostwem!! Kuchnie i dania pani Joli polecam absolutnie każdemu ! Sama napewno będę korzystać z usług pani cateringu DZIĘKUJE !
04/24/2018 -- Patrycja
How did you like our food? (Rate: 5 of 5)
When we realized we were having more thanksgiving guests than expected, and less time to prepare dinner than we thought, Jola sprang into action, like a culinary superhero! On a very short notice, we were able to discuss the guest count, meal preferences, budgets etc. With a great energy and smile, Jola came up with tasty and exciting dinner options, featuring an amazingly delicious turkey with a vibrant home-made cranberry sauce, unforgettable pork crown with baby-potatoes, and a lively assortment of salads and sides. As sumptuous as this dinner was, it was equally well-presented! It looked like a million dollars! We absolutely loved everything about working with Jola! Looking forward to more fabulous feasts!
04/19/2018 -- Stan
How did you like our food? (Rate: 5 of 5)
Jolanta of redpoppy effortlessly prepared and served our fifty guests homemade dishes representing a wide variety of cuisines--classic american, italian and indian, all expertly prepared, seasoned and as beautiful to look at as they tasted.
08/05/2017 -- Nadine K.
How did you like our food? (Rate: 5 of 5)
Very professional, devoted and passionate about world cuisine, full stack Chef -- delicious food served in a beautiful way that lets you enjoy the meal. At the last party, Jay served dishes from Mediterranean kitchen through Italian kitchen and finished with East European one. She customized all dishes to our taste and needs. What else you would want to please all guests? Thank you Jay for great job.
08/03/2017 -- Luke O.
How did you like our food? (Rate: 5 of 5)
I would like to thank Jolanta for her great efforts in catering our Memorial day weekend. We had a backyard party with 7 adults and 5 kids. Jolanta promptly responded to all our inquiries. She would spend time patiently explaining the different food combinations, in addition to elaborating on their ingredients. Her attentive and pleasant personality made the process smooth and seamless. She even sent us her menu with pictures of each dish included.
She is a very talented caterer, and is very creative! She prepares different types of cuisine from a variety of cultures. Our guests were very impressed with her Mexican tacos, and her coleslaw was delicious! The kids loved her Spanish rice with beans and her octopus salad was phenomenal.
My husband and I are very picky eaters. Nevertheless, we were impressed! In addition, to the delicious taste, the foods presentation was an art form! You look at the food and you want to eat it with your eyes. We received so many compliments from our guests.

Finally - great quality food, excellent presentation and great service.

We will definitely be hiring Jolanta to cater our future parties.
06/07/2016 -- Julia
How did you like our food? (Rate: 5 of 5)
Rye flour sour (zurek) the best I've ever had! chicken de volaille, pierogi ,croquets delicious!
05/20/2016 -- Maria